CD Transcription

A Wonderful

Gift for Any Occasion!

Do you have a favourite piece of music and just can't get hold of the sheet music?

We may be able to help!

If you can give us a recording, or send us a link, we will transcribe it for you, using a state-of-the-art music notation programme.

It usually takes a few hours to do, but it makes a beautiful, unique gift.

Give us a call on  01453 758725

or email us on

We have a lot of Scores up on (under the username Cepheus Elf. These are freely available to anyone, and available HERE


Music Recording Services

Do you need music recorded for your own personal use?

Maybe as a singer or instrumentalist, you need a recorded backing track or piano accompaniment?

Our service is speedy and professional.

We can record the music in any key you wish, (or keys, if you want to experiment), and at any tempo or variety of tempos to suit your needs.

Give us a call on  01453 758725

or email us on

to discuss your requirements.

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