I specialise in teaching piano to all ages from beginner to diploma standard.  I teach all styles of piano playing, from classical to Jazz and Blues.

I love teaching young children, (starting around 6 years), and have produced my own unique piano course for young children: "Doggie-D's First Piano Book".  During 35 years of piano teaching, I have always been frustrated by the normal methods of tuition, so, in 2019, I decided to do something about it and produced my own course.

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Apart from the very young, I also cater for more advanced students; teaching advanced piano to higher grade musicians, as well as improvisation, harmony and composition. I have helped many GCSE and A Level students with the technical aspects of their syllabus and by showing them how to generate creative ideas and develop them into full compositions.

I am one of the most prolific Music Theory teachers in Stroud. I can take you from complete beginner to diploma standard, although of course, most people don't need to take it any further than grade 5.  A few other instrumental teachers in the area send their pupils to me for instruction in music theory, as well as aural training.  I am also frequently called upon as an accompanist for instrumental exams.

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