Jill's Groups

When my daughter was born more than 20 years ago, I  realised as a singing teacher and a new mother that babies and young children were not getting the rhymes and songs that children used to get from various members of the extended family. Society had changed, and children were often a long way from their grandparents and other relatives who had the time to sing all the childhood songs to them. Both parents were often working and my generation seemed not to be confident enough to sing to their babies and young children as previous generations had been. So, with the idea that music sessions would encourage Mums to feel more confident and help them learn the words to all the songs and rhymes, I set up a group in my home. From the childrens' point of view, the idea was to help improve their rhythm, pitch and listening abilities,as well as develop their social skills, numeracy and co-ordination.(And have some fun!)

The groups moved into village and church halls around Stroud, from Sheepscombe to Shipton Moyne to Cirencester. Now, as I am getting older, and my children are children no more, I just do one session a week. This is held in the Porch Room at Minchinhampton Parish Church, on Friday, where I have held this class for the last 20 years! There we spend about an hour singing, dancing and playing  various simple percussion instruments  and basically enjoying ourselves.( We also have a quick drink and a biscuit which is very important!)

I am always there on Friday mornings from 9:50 to 10:45 in the term time, so if you feel like some pre-school music, come along and try it out.(preferably with a pre-school child!)

If you want to contact me, my phone number is:

  01453 758725

or email me on:


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