Our YouTube Presence!!

We now have 30 videos up on YouTube,

featuring our

"Balance Your Mind" Modal Music!

The first 9 are "The Great Modes Experiment"

We have posted an Introductory Video to explain what the videos are all about, followed by one video for each of the Eight Pythagorean Modes.

The trick is that we haven't told you which modes are which!

And you are invited to listen to some of the music and see how it affects you. Then, if you're up for it, email us for a 

Great Modes Experiment Form 

to fill in, letting us know what effects the various modes had on you.

click on this link ...

Since then, we have uploaded Modal Music for Tinnitus and also for Insomnia. These are getting quite a lot of views.

In fact, we have received a few happy comments from  tinnitus sufferers on our YouTube account!

Thank you so much for this recording! The combination of crickets, water and atonal bells really soothes my mostly mild tinnitus and gives instant relief whenever I play the music. The slow progression of the text is calming and gentle and the nature images have a similar effect.
thank you!    James

Here's another one!
This is the most effective tinnitus masking video that I have found on youtube.  For some reason, I can use this at a very low volume (too low to be effective with other videos) but with this one the ringing stops like a charm.Thank you!  Garetholemew.

And another!

 I have Tinnitus in one ear and these noises on the video greatly help me, however I wish it could go on for hours. It really relaxes me too. Is there anyway you could lengthen it? Thank you!

 And our most recent additions are 3 Chakra Meditation Videos that use resonance between the Chakras and the modes as a meditative tool.

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